TEMPISH, a Czech company that makes a variety of high-quality skates, skateboards and other sporting equipment, has chosen to partner with Diaconia ECCB-CRD to support communities in need. We share the same goal: to help people in need stand on their own.  To help us have an even greater impact, Tempish is generously donating $0.12 from every purchase of their inline skates to support one of our projects.

Czech NGO Diaconia ECCB was working in woreda Chuko on a project called Chuko Food Security Development Project Phase III between the years 2013 and 2015. The project was aimed on rural development and women empowerment. TEMPISH was enthralled by the project´s idea of empowering women through forming and training of women cooperatives and providing them seed capital for further granting of microcredits to their members in order to develop their own small businesses.  Now we continue with improving the social and economic standing of women TOGETHER, because together we can reach bigger impact than alone.

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In this project, we work with cooperative of women called Atote, many of its members are widows, who are the only breadwinners for their families. The goal of the project is to build a mill and ensure that cooperative members will acquire the skills and knowledge to run it, maintain it and repair it. Funds earned through flour milling will be used for mill maintenance and for multiplication of the cooperative´s capital saved up during the implementation of the previous project (2013 – 2015), which will allow even more women to get microcredit for small business development. Profits arising from small entrepreneurship will allow women to pay for basic necessities like food, medical care, and schooling for their children.

Currently, the women must carry heavy loads of their crops from their small poor villages to the distant mills, where they have to pay for grinding.  Unfortunately, the quality and price of the grinding can differ greatly.  The journey to and from these distant mills, while carrying their heavy crops and flour, takes these women considerable part of a day. TOGETHER we will empower women and reduce the workload put on their shoulders.

We will post updates as the building of the mill moves forward, along with stories of the women involved and what is happening in the community.  A big thank you to our sponsor, TEMPISH!

Where is Chuko?

Building a mill in Ethiopia

From every skate 0 cents will help
The mill will help 0 poor women in Chuko
Eucalyptus poles 0 for the building
13 packets of nails and 0 bags of cement