10 interesting facts about Ethiopia

July 10, 2017

Situated in a very heart of Africa, but so different from other countries of the continent. That is Ethiopia. Never colonized, preserving and living it's hundred- and thousand-year-old culture and traditions, which are so closely related to the local environment and history of the country. On the slopes of misty mountains, along deep river valleys, across moonscape of desert, in the coffee forests and as well as in the grasslands, in growing cities and small remote villages, all there you can find peoples of Ethiopia with all their diversity, way of life but also everyday challenges they have to face with their limited resources.

10 interesting facts about Ethiopia
July 10, 2017 - 10 interesting facts about Ethiopia

Building a mill in Ethiopia

From every skate 0 cents will help
The mill will help 0 poor women in Chuko
Eucalyptus poles 0 for the building
13 packets of nails and 0 bags of cement