Life of Ethiopian farmers

June 30, 2017

Ethiopia’s countryside is a textbook illustration of what pastoral living is supposed to look like: lush, rolling hills, sweet-smelling air (from all the cypress around, no doubt), idyllic village scenes. However, there is also severe poverty. By helping small farmers and poor women cooperatives in Chuko region, Diaconia helped in years 2013 to 2015 almost 50 000 peoples. The construction of the mill with TEMPISH is the next step in Diaconia´s long term work in Ethiopia.

Life of Ethiopian farmers
June 30, 2017 - Life of Ethiopian farmers

Building a mill in Ethiopia

From every skate 0 cents will help
The mill will help 0 poor women in Chuko
Eucalyptus poles 0 for the building
13 packets of nails and 0 bags of cement