Message of Chairwoman from Atote Cooperative

August 28, 2017

My name is Ayelech Doyamo. I am 42 years old and I have 6 children. I am chairwoman of Atote Women Saving and Credit Cooperative. We have 57 women members.

Our group was established by Chuko Food Security Development Project and we got seed money with support of Diaconia and Bread for the World. Cooperative members work together on joint saving and multiplication of seed capital for credit provision and extension of the cooperative. Cooperative´s members take credits for development of their own small businesses´ (e.g. animal fattening) and pay them back with small interest.

Message of Chairwoman from Atote Cooperative
August 28, 2017 - Message of Chairwoman from Atote Cooperative

In our area, there is no mill. People have to travel long distance (17-20 Km) to Chuko or Dilla town to grind their harvest. These travels increase workload of people, mainly women. Now, with support of Diaconia and TEMPISH, Mekane Yesus has constructed very good grinding mill building, which will serve as both store and mill. We all are happy thanks to this and we wait for milling device installation to start the work. Our plan is to run the mill as a business for group members and provide grinding mill services to members and surrounding communities in our village, which will reduce workload on women. In addition, it will increase income of the group.

We would like to thank Mekane Yesus for constructing the mill building for us and Diaconia and TEMPISH for their generous donation to our group.

Building a mill in Ethiopia

From every skate 0 cents will help
The mill will help 0 poor women in Chuko
Eucalyptus poles 0 for the building
13 packets of nails and 0 bags of cement